Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mon P'tit Sac

ASOS phone case, Revlon lipstick, Elizabeth and James 'White Nirvana' perfume, Michael Kors wallet

I've been going for a bit of a minimalist look when it comes to handbags lately, just because I'm so sick of carrying a huge bag or backpack around everywhere, and then shuffling around all the crap trying to look for my metrocard as the train is approaching (NYC-ers can feel me on this). I usually just make sure I have a jacket with pockets and stuff everything inside of them before I go out at night. This little vintage bag I got in Paris is really great for making sure I have only the essentials; et voila! 

My phone case - it's the silliest looking thing, so obviously I had to have it, if just to keep me from taking myself too seriously. 

My lipstick - I'm still all about a deep plum lip, even as the weather's getting warm. I think it's a good accompaniment for the sheer, flowing black looks I'm planning on wearing this summer.

My perfume - I've been looking for a rollerball perfume for a while, to spruce myself. I usually use Issey Miyake's Pleats Please, but I was surprised to find myself take a liking to the new Elizabeth and James scent!

My wallet - It's really a change purse, but so convenient! I hardly ever carry cash anyway. 


Laura Clark said...

Gimme that phone case

The Marcy Stop said...

Such a cute phone cover!

The Marcy Stop

Daniella said...

Oo I would love to know what the Elizabeth and James perfume smells like! I don't think it is available here in the UK :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

Joy Yiu said...

lovely! hope you can take a look at my blog and follow if you'd like x

Damn It Vogue! said...

Love the phone cover!!!