Monday, March 31, 2014

Capsule Collective

1 – Tome; 2 – Prabal Gurung; 3 – Phillip Lim; 4 – Theory; 5 – Miu Miu; 6 – Theory; 7 – Theory; 8 – Prabal Gurung; 9 – MBMJ; 10 – MBMJ; 11 – Whit

Even though all of these looks are technically circa “the future” (Fall/Winter 2014), I’d say they’re regardless pretty much applicable to this non-spring we’ve been inflicted with up in NYC. I feel like my tastes are pretty much established, regardless of most HOT TRENDS that various media sources love to write about. I wasn’t so much into the sports trend, or the neo-hippie thing, or the future minimalism thing. I kind of always tend towards interestingly cut dresses and skirts, black and metallics, with a layered punk edge. But that’s just me doin’ me.  


The Marcy Stop said...

Love these selects! Keep doing you girl, it's working!

The Marcy Stop

the style crusader said...

Such gorgeous looks. I really love the Theory dress (number 4). The sheer detailing and asymmetric hemline is doing it for me. xx

Rose White said...

Kudos #11. My favorite in the list.