Thursday, February 27, 2014


photos: My tumblr, dkny 

I don't know if you guys have checked out this article from NY Mag, but it's super interesting and slightly hilarious and one of my friends sent it to me out of his sheer horror at the concept. The concept in question is this (semi) new fashion aesthetic that the author has dubbed "Normcore". You can read the article yourself, but to be extremely reductive it's basically the idea of dressing like an unpopular kid from the 90s/a Calvin Klein model from the 90s. Lots of plain t-shirts, high waisted light blue Levis, white tube socks with adidas slides, North Face jackets, etc. 

I think it's coming out of a reaction against both the sportswear trend, the revival of the late 80s/early 90s logo trend, and the ghetto clothing aesthetic that a bunch of people have been trying out since around late 2012. They're calling it anti-fashion, but of course it's a lot more calculated and self-conscious than that. I think it's quite funny on the surface, but when you look at it critically I find the same issues with it that I find with pure minimalism, in that it comes out of a traditionally privileged and sometimes elitist irony. But what say ye? 


Belle melange said...

Great post! Love the photos

Anonymous said...

Thats how popular kids in the 90's dressed too. I think you are missing the point; Its not for the 90's or the 80's or the 70's. Its classic clothing that can be from whenever.