Sunday, November 23, 2008


One of the hottest topics on the lips of fashionistas today has, oddly, to do with politics. Well, kind of. There has been much speculation as of late as to what Michelle Obama will wear to the inaguration ball on January 20th. I am a Michelle lover no doubt, so I thought I would throw in my own suggestions, on the off-chance that she avidly peruses my blog on the regular.

Here are the dresses, all taken from the 2008 couture collections, that I would love to see Mrs. Obama in come January. I think they would all suit her style, body shape and personality, and of course make a statement. She is certainly a striking woman, and I love how her fashion choices reflect her inner confidence.

1. Armani Prive
Michelle is always in color, and I think that this gown would be an interesting change for her. The strapless style would highlight her wonderful shoulders and arms, and the overall look would be incredibly chic and graphic.

2. Elie Saab
My favorite couture designer, I think Michelle could totally pull off the huge ruffled shoulder accoutrement, and she always looks fabulous in any shade of red.

3. Dior
This tiered gown would look wonderful on the first lady elect. The shimmer on the hem and the floaty fabric would take fashion in politics in an entirely new (and much more stylish, might I add) direction.

4. Valentino
I chose this gown because it definately brings to mind the pale pink sheath that Jackie Kennedy wore to her inauguration. Michelle's skin is so rich that she would look better in this than the runway model, and she would look infinitely romantic and lovely.

5. Versace
This is what I am hoping she will wear. A vivid red, a relatively simple silhouette, and striking couture details. She would make everyone's head turn without a doubt.

6. However, as perfect as that last dress was, I am also secretly hoping she will wear this. It would be extremely gauche, but she could pull it off. I am positively quivering with excitement...

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Marcella said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Lucky you to have the green version of that top, I think I will take your advice and get it... soon as I can afford it lol!

These are lovely picks you made out for Michelle. My personal favourite is eelie saab :)

Clutterina said...

Great choices! I hope she listens to you :)

Emily Rose said...

That silvery bow tie is immense!!!
Lovely blog and thank you for your wonderful comment <3

DaisyChain said...

I love these dresses.

Unwise Pedestrian said...

Love, love, love the Armani and the Versace. Great picks!

lacouturiernyc said...

what i would give for that first b&w dress...

La C

ps - thanks for your super sweet comment! lots of love!