Sunday, September 7, 2008

Really Alexandre Herchcovitch, really?

You were really that bored this season, huh Alexandre Herchcovitch? You really just sat down at your desk with pen and paper and decided, yeah, everything's already been done before. I MUST think of something new.

Honestly, Alex, there's nothing wrong with things that have been done before. Little black dresses, for example, are a trend that will always be reinvented and will still be chic. High heels, red lipstick, chocolate cake. All things that have been done before but will always be wonderful and are able to be modified as the trends progress. Why not those, Lexi? You had to choose CROTCH RUFFLES?


And another thing, REALLY Laird Borrelli-Persson? You wrote a review of this show for Style and called this monstrosity "strange" and "editorial"? You couldn't think of a more evocative word for these little beauties, really?

Like Brazilian wax-worthy?

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